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Dungeon Master & Game Master here!

So far on my belt, I have run 16 long campaigns and around 40+ short campaigns. These campaigns involve Dungeons&Dragons, Pathfinder, Cyberpunk 2020, GURPS, and Vlendar IX. So far I am learning the Cyberpunk RED, Werewolf The Apocalypse, Vampire: The Masquerade, and Call of Cthulu rulebooks for future campaigns.

Long Campaigns

These campaigns range from 4-6 months and are usually my online campaigns. My longer campaigns are reserved for GURPS, Dungeons&Dragons, and Vlendar IX specifically. These have the most fleshed out storylines and involve a lot of character quests, non-railroad type endings, and are extremely climactic depending on player decisions in the world.

Short Campaigns

On the shorter end, these tend to be my campaigns in both real life and online. These campaigns range from 6 hours to 3 months, sometimes turning into long campaigns if players are eager enough. These campaigns are usually about the BBEG or the Big Bad Evil Guy/Girl in the story. However when the campaign gets longer, this is where stories become more vibrant within character creation and I ask players to provide more story to their characters.

Dungeons & Dragons

Have you ever wanted to create a character and live in a fantasy world with a somewhat strict rulebook? This is the game for you, except you might always either a wizard or a barbarian! This tabletop is either about short modules where there are fixed dungeons or a dungeon master builds a world and uses the enemies from monster manuals to manifest BBEGs and give intense combat situations... of their choosing, of course!


A stricter version of Dungeons & Dragons that utilizes maps, positions, and makes combat more engaging. Most of the time players play this like a regular videogame more than a tabletop roleplaying game. Regardless, the combat is a lot more fun with this one!


GURPS is a less strict, more flow version of Dungeons&Dragons. It allows for more character customization, home-brewed classes and modules, and a ton of lore-dumping about worlds. This is the choice for a more carefree player, since combat is almost unnecessary most of the time unless the game master tosses players bones more often.

Cyberpunk 2020

Ever hated using a d20? Well this is the tabletop roleplaying game for you! Back then Dungeons&Dragons was the go-to game for tabletop enthusiasts, and it still is today. But other games rivaled with it by using the d10 instead of the d20! CP2020 was no stranger to this! It has a stricter combat system that's very engaging and easy to do one-off games with. Characters created for this game tend to be instantly defeated out the get-go at times due to how easy it is for players to kill or be killed. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for those thrill-seekers!

Vlendar IX

This is my homebrewed version of Dungeons&Dragons, but set in the future. This tabletop roleplaying game has gone through 30+ trials added up from its long campaigns and short campaigns. The idea behind this was to mostly get rid of magic in Dungeons&Dragons and solely go for a simpler combat scheme. Soon Vlendar IX will be revised and edited, coming with an Overseer's Manual, Lorebook, Species Book, Unhinged Edition, and of course the Character Guide.

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