Tay's Stories


"There sets a blazing sun upon a land of dust and sand. In the skies, there is a burning mechanical star with pieces falling onto the planet. A crashing ship turns into rubble in middle of a scorching desert. Coming out of the cracks in this ship, there stands a man of tan rags with a mechanical arm coming out of one sleeve of his cloak. The Unnamed Man speaks with a gut-wrenched tone from the crash into a holotape.

“Before I claim death by the firing squad, there is an absolute truth to this madness. The tale told is a legend of a villain turned not by corruption, but by vengeance. Let the tragedy begin...”

This is an unfinished cyberpunk story about a man named Jhason that became quickly orphaned at a young age. The idea of this story was to create a hero that would slowly turn into a villain as time went on, realizing that his quest for vengeance harmed more than it did good. As the framework of this piece stands, it needs revision and editing beyond belief since I am a better writer now than I was back then.

The Awakening

This story was a story I lost due to my high school email being taken away from me. But the main premise of The Awakening was about a man with a dual-personality, since he held an internal crystal that was controlled by a high demon. This Human, a Dwarf, an Elf, and an Ent shaman travel the world in search for an answer to the man's curse.

The last piece of this that was written before disappearing was that they were stuck in a labyrinth before journeying into the 8th level of Hell. This might be rewritten at some point soon.

Vlendar IX

Vlendar IX has a shared amount of stories based off of the different parties that I helped create through many short and long campaigns. The main story about this is the prologue to the initial story which is called The Invictus War where humans were believed to be the next ascended race, so they were attacked by a race of rogue AI called Invictus. The Ishnic bug race defeated them and then helped raise humanity towards the stars by giving them the technology to do so. With this however, humans began creating their own version of the largest ship known to existence... a Worlder.

Vlendar IX Short Stories

Solace XI

The short story here is about the last moments of Captain Allen during "The Glassing" campaign where the party was a task force designed to rectify a new Class-X race, he then decided to let his power-hungry rage get the best of him and fire upon the capital world of Solace XI killing hundreds of thousands.

Synthetic Lords

Another short Vlendar story about how a Black Moon entered the atmosphere of Zyndrex, and a new race appears. This is based off of a campaign where Black Moon Agency gets destroyed and so does an entire race of ancient AI sentinels.

Horror Short Stories

Grave House

This thriller short story is about a party of 20 enjoying a party in an abandoned house, little do they know that a murderous squatter with military experience is holed up in there! Will these young adults survive?

Asymptomatic Madness

Curiosity is what sends this short story into insanity. The constant inconsistent bantering of several braintanks arguing over to be or not to be controlled by "Them". The horror aspect is mostly the emptiness, the unknown, and the disturbing imagery.

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