Tay's Library

Just a creative porcupine trying to live it out in the suburbs of a little bustling town!

Hello there! The name's Taywen and the whole idea of what I am is that I'm essentially an encyclopedia of different books, story ideas, and music. I've read books upon books of dystopia, fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and romance novels!

Don't even get me started on story ideas, I've been a game master and a dungeon master for years with several Dungeons&Dragons, Cyberpunk 2020, GURPS, Pathfinder, and Vlendar IX campaigns.

When it comes to music, I'm a fan of almost every genre. So far on my last.fm page I've hit over 42,000 scrobbles since 2015 when a certain amazing friend of mine showed me it.





The cute porcupine art was created by Caby!